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Grandeye Halocorder

High-resolution 360° recorder

Key features:
  1. Hi-res recording of complete Halocam-R fisheye view
  2. Enables complete retrospective PTZ
  3. 7x optical-equivalent zoom
  4. 400/750GB storage
  5. Playback via Halocam using standard CCTV controller
  6. IP-enabled for remote viewing and archiving*
  7. Play forward, backwards, up to 32x speed and single step
  8. Continual, scheduled or event-based recording
  9. Intuitive timeline with zoom and colour-coded events
  10. *When used with Haloviewer for Windows™ (supplied)
Grandeye Halocorder
The Grandeye Halocorder is a high-resolution recording solution for the Halocam-R 360° analogue camera.
Connecting via a dedicated high-speed digital port on the Halocam-R, the Halocorder will capture the entire 3MP fisheye image, independent of PTZ operations carried out at the time. Images can be recorded at up to 4fps. The recorded images can be played back through the Halocam-R as though they were live images. PTZ control and the generation of virtual cameras (VCAMs) and panoramas is available during playback, just as on the live images. During playback, recording continues uninterrupted.
Recording is carried out on a continuous, scheduled or event-driven basis (or a combination of these). During playback, an intuitive, navigable timeline indicates which type of recordings are present at each point in time.
Halocorder is IP-enabled for connection to PCs over a standard TCP/IP network, locally or remotely, using the supplied Haloviewer application. Haloviewer enables live camera viewing, and recorded material maybe viewed, downloaded and archived for later review. Downloads may be scheduled or performed manually. Self-contained CD/DVDs may be generated which include video clips and an intuitive PTZ interface and timeline, which do not require installation.
Halocorder eliminates the shortcoming of conventional security recordings by enabling investigators to go back in time and pan, tilt and zoom around the scene as though present at the time of an incident.
Retrospective pan and tilt Yes – see a full 360° after the fact
Retrospective zoom Yes – approximately 7x optical-equivalent zoom after the fact
Retrospective video analytics Yes – carry out motion detection and tracking after the fact
Playback Yes – play forwards, backwards, up to 32x
Single frame stepping Yes – forwards and backwards
Graphical timeline Yes
Time and date searching Yes
Event searching Yes
Event locking Yes – protect user-definable sections and/or events from erasure
Motion detection/tracking Yes (accessed via camera)
Password protection Yes
Resolution 3 megapixel
Storage capacity

Event-based: up to several months. Continuous: up to several weeks dependent on lighting conditions, frame rate and quality (user selectable)
  400GB continuous rated hard disk drive example: ~5 days from continuous recording (24/7), 4fps, highest quality, with 300 lux lighting conditions.
  750GB continuous rated hard disk drive example: ~8 days from continuous recording (24/7), 4fps, highest quality with 300 lux lighting conditions.
Continuous recording Yes
Event-based recording Yes
Scheduled recording Yes
Simultaneous rec/playback Yes
Auto record on power-up Yes
Recording speeds 1, 2 or 4 frames per second
Recording failure detection Yes – on screen and/or via hardware output
Recording tamper detection Yes – 384-bit hash proprietary authentication signature
Record pre-post alarm Yes – up to 30 seconds
Video compression Proprietary format, user-selectable rate
Video format PAL or NTSC (via camera)
Power source rating 24V AC/DC +/-10%, 2 Amps
Power consumption 30W
Control protocols RS485: Pelco-P/D, Fastrax II, Vista PD. RS232: Bosch Autodome; all auto-sensing; via camera
Time/date generator Yes – including NTP time support; synchronised with camera
Weight 3.5kg (7lb12oz)
Size L x W x H: 10.28” x 5.79” x 6.14” (261 x 147 x 156mm)
Operating temperature range 41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C); 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C) with forced air flow (e.g. external fan)
Storage temperature range 14 to 140°F( -10 to 60°C)
Mounting Upright, within 3 metres/10 feet of Halocam-R
Camera input 1 x 360° camera per recorder
Certifications EMC:(CISPR Class A) FCC; CE; UL2044 (2043 with conduit kit)