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DM Sprite D4

D4 is an easy to use high-performance 4-channel DVR.

It has now been upgraded to provide a more complete range of features and functions, while retaining its simplicity of installation and use, with minimal configurable options.

Existing features such as 50/60PPS record performance and audio recording have been supplemented with serial telemetry and keyboard support, external storage expansion and retrospective searches for motion in recorded video.

Key features:
  1. 6, 9 or 16 Video Inputs instead of 4
  2. Coax Telemetry
  3. Separate security levels for User, Installer and Playback
  4. 17 built in alarms instead of 5
  5. 6 built in relays instead of 4
  6. Support for extra external relays and alarms
  7. Telemetry Pre-sets on alarm
  8. Configurable Pre and Post Alarm duration
  9. Configurable use of relays and alarms
  10. Different behaviour configurable on Alarm or VMD
  11. Different Record Rates for low, medium and high priority cameras
  12. Easy to install screw plugs for telemetry and master alarm/relays
  13. Two serial ports and 4-wire serial telemetry
  14. S-Video Monitor Output
  15. The ability to network more than one unit together over 485-Bus
DM Sprite D4     

Fast Recording
D4 can capture up to 50 pictures per second (50PPS PAL/60PPS NTSC), allowing real-time recording of an alarmed camera while simultaneously recording other cameras in time-lapse mode.

Product Variants
D4 is available with or without a built-in CD-R (D4 CD) for easy evidence archive creation. D4 is also available with Retail Solutions support (D4 RS) integrating the text from POS devices with images to protect against shrinkage at the checkout.