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Cieffe Spectiva RT & RTL - Digital Audio/Video Recording Management System

SPECTIVA -the most advanced digital audio/video recording and management system (DVMS) - 32 Universal video inputs (analogue and IP).

Key features:
  1. Loopthrough
  2. Privacy patch
  3. USB 2.0 support
  4. Audio detection
  5. Auto-configuration wizard
  6. Virtual zoom
  7. VGA video interface
  8. Image touch-up
  9. Full screen live
  10. Image print
  11. Full screen playback
  12. Image/video export
  13. H.264 compression
  14. Image/Video export authentication
  15. Bi-directional audio channels
  16. Network camera support
  17. Alarm Inputs
  18. Embedded operating system
  19. Relay Output
  20. Firmware upgrade via network
  21. Pre-Alarm encoding
  22. Compatible with existing networks
  23. Pre-motion recording
  24. Camera darkening detection
  25. Camera movement detection
Cieffe Spectiva RT & RTL                      
SPECTIVA is the most advanced digital audio/video recording and management system (DVMS) with 32 universal video inputs (analogue and IP).  This powerful DVMS is the result of CIEFFE’s ongoing research for developing the highest quality surveillance technologies.
The new Real time 2.06 version features a multi-encoder technology that can use multiple compression modes in real time for each channel with H264 and MPEG4 Main Profile algorithms.  Spectiva is the first DVMS in the world to offer broadcast quality video up to 20 times better than other systems that use Wavelet, JPEG, differential and MPEG2 algorithms. It can also generate multiple H264 and MPEG4 Main Profile streams for each camera, allowing for flexible and optimizes management of video streams to the connected clients: each stream can be sent to several platforms for different purposes (for instance, 2Mbit in D1 for real time recording, 256Kbit CIF for ADSL connection, 10 Kbit QCIF for transmission to GPRS networks.
The unparalleled performance levels of SPECTIVA 2.06 make it an excellent choice for banks, casinos, airports, mines, government organizations, industrial facilities, military installations, schools and other installations requiring premium levels of digital CCTV performance and flexibility. Its client-server architecture uses both conventional and networked CCTV cameras and audio sources: it can display live and recorded video and can simultaneously broadcast and store audio and video (in real time for the most advanced models.) Finally, it can be"remotely updated. Videos are stored at 720x576/PAL and 720x480 NTSC pixels with lip-synchronized stereo audio. It offers a variety of tools to analyze and accurately interpret the data in real time for maximum security.  Inputs and (integrated) external alarm outputs, resolution, compression level and all other recording parameters can be adjusted on a camera by camera basis.
MAXIMUM SECURITY              
Once recorded, the data is encrypted for security reasons.  SPECTIVAS embedded architecture and integrated firewall make it invulnerable to virus attacks.  The architecture is fault tolerant in order to guarantee the highest level of security.
The internal storage system features RAID5 architecture to prevent the loss of archived data in the event of a hard drive breakdown.  After the introduction of a Smart Card based access control procedure, the system has become even safer.
  1. Recording speed up to 800 images per second at maximum quality/resolution
  2. True Pentaplex functionality: simultaneous recording, Playing, viewing, archiving and transmitting at all times,
  3. regardless of image content or system activity
  4. Multi-sector recording – multiple recording speeds, recording qualities and recording times for each camera
  5. Multiple playback of synchronized audio and video from one or more SPECTIVA servers
  1. Motion detection – integrated dynamic neural networks based motion detection, configurable for each input
  2. Motion tracking and behaviour analysis with new Deepath1 algorithm
  3. Neural search – intelligent neural network based image search based on movements or objects contained with a camera view
  4. Permancy detection – detect any specific object or movements within any camera view and raise an alarm
  1. Multiple image compression algorithms – H264, MPEG4 Main profile, Wavelete, Enpacta
  2. Quality and savings – high quality video transmission on extremely low bandwidths for reduction of storage and connectivity costs
  1. Powerful networkability – true client server architecture with full remote control via TCP/IP
  2. Use of any network storage device for greater flexibility and unlimited storage capacity
  3. Integrated web video/audio server for connections via Internet Explorer
Spectiva 4, 8, 32 RT
Spectiva 15 RTLC, RTLR
Video Inputs 4,8,16 analog – 32 IP 16
Loopthrough Yes (for analog inputs) Si
Audio Channels 8 mono, 16 mono, 32 mono 8 mono, 4 stereo
Spot monitors Yes (via TCP/IP) Yes with HOSPOT and via TCP/IP
Audio Channels (Bi-directional) 1 1
Alarm Inputs (optoisolated) 4, 8, 16 16
Auxiliary outputs (relay) 4, 8, 16 16
Operator Interface VGA VGA
Internal Storage Archive Up to 2 TV native Up to 2 TV native
Raid5 archive with hot swap disks Yes Yes (RTLR)
Recording speed (ips)

100/120 @ D1*,200/240 @ D1,800/960 @ D1, 200/240 IPS* @ 2CIF, 100/120 IPS* @ D1
400/480 IPS* @ CIF, 100/120 IPS* @ D1

D1 (720x576/720x480)*, 2CIF(720x288/720x240)*, CIF (360x288/360x240)*, QCIF (180x144/180x120)* D1 (720x576/720x480)*, 2CIF (720x288/720x240)*, CIF (360x288/360x240)*, QCIF (180x144/180x120)*
IPS per camera From 1 IPS to 25/30 IPS* From 1 IPS to 25/30 IPS*
Recording compression algorithms H264/MPEG4 Main Profile/Enpacta/Wavelet
H264/MPEG4 Main Profile/Enpacta/Wavelet
Transmission compression algorithms H264/MPEG4 Main Profile/Enpacta/Wavelet
H264/MPEG4 Main Profile/Enpacta/Wavelet

Multi encoding system Yes Yes
Ethernet ports Gigabit Gigabit
USB port Yes (2.0) Yes (2.0)
Serial Interface RS.232 RS.232
Keyboard/Mouse port PS/2 PS/2
Operating System XP Embedded XP Embedded
Main Processor Intel P4 Intel P4
Power Supply 110/220 VCA 10%  110/220 VCA 10% 
Power Consumption 450 W 450 W
Operating Temperature 5-50°C 5-50°C 
Relative Humidity 8-90% condensing 8-90% condensing
Weight Circa 20Kg Circa 20Kg
Dimensions 435 x 550 x 177mm 430x 350 x 90 mm, 435 x 550 x 177 mm