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Paxton Access Electronic Access Control Systems

Paxton Access

Paxton Access is a UK company that specialises in producing intuitive and straightforward electronic access control solutions.
Paxton access control systems are designed to not only be fit for purpose but also to integrate seamlessly in to any working environment.

Paxton Access control systems provide an efficient and convenient way of securing buildings and assets, they are extremely
easy to use and maintain. Paxton Access Control is quite simply being able to control access to your premises, or a specific area
of your premises using tokens and readers to replace locks and keys.

A Paxton Access Control system is easy to use and allows central control from your desk, with the ability to immediately update access permissions.

Key benefits of Paxton Access Control systems:

  • Reliable, high quality Access Control systems
  • Access Control systems that are incredibly easy to use and require only minimal training
  • Systems that are scalable, so that additional doors can be added as and when needed
  • No hidden/unexpected costs or per-seat licences. The software can be installed on as many workstations as required
  • Free software upgrades, to take advantage of new features

Which Paxton system is right for you?

A Paxton system can control any site, from just one door to hundreds of doors, with thousands of users. Take a look at our Paxton range and discover which system is right for you.