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ievo Micro Reader

ievo micro

The ievo Micro reader is less than half the size of the ievo Ultimate reader. It still features multispectral sensor technology that allows the system to identify a fingerprint image through dust, water, oils, dirt, creams and even latex gloves.

The ievo micro was designed as a third party reader, capable of integrating into a large number of access control systems. With many unique features and benefits, the ievo micro reader uses a powerful optical imaging sensor combined with an algorithm that will keep your data accurate and secure.

The micro is suited to internal use and has mounting options that include mullion or surface mounted. The ievo Micro reader provides an affordable biometric solution to access control systems. With a standard range of up to 10,000 fingerprints (larger capacity options are available) and customisable options, the microreader is ideal for internal deployment in offices, housing developments, commercial outlets and personal home use.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Algorithm identification <1 second
  • 10,000 fingerprint templates (50,000 option available)
  • Designed for internal use
  • Powerful optical imaging sensor
  • Data transmission AES (128bit) encrypted
  • Data stored on a separate control board with template storage AES (256bit) encrypted
  • Seamless integration with large number of existing access control systems
  • Activated by proximity detection
  • LED and audio indications
  • Wiegand, clock & data and TCP/IP outputs
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate