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ievo Ultimate Biometric Reader

Ievo ultimate

The ievo Ultimate reader has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing card and fob systems by utilising the existing manufacturer’s controllers.

The ievo Ultimate reader is very secure and unlike other biometric products, there is no inbuilt controller or relay that can be compromised. The device is highly vandal resistant, it has no screen or keyboard and the case is made from a Polycarb ABS mix and the sensor from the tightened glass. The Ultimate reader has an IP65 rating making it suitable for internal or external use and with a heater system can operate to temperatures of -20 C.

The multispectral sensor technology allows the system to identify a fingerprint image through dust, water, oils, dirt, creams and even latex gloves. The system has a 10,000 fingerprint capacity.

Aesthetically the Ultimate reader can be flush or surface mounted and is available in any custom colour to match corporate colour schemes making it suitable for any business in any industry.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Algorithm identification <1 second
  • 10,000 fingerprint templates (50,000 option available)
  • Designed for external and internal use
  • IP65 rated for harsh environmental deployment
  • Multispectral imaging sensor
  • Data transmission AES (128bit) encrypted
  • Data stored on a separate control board with template storage AES (256bit) encrypted
  • Seamless integration with large number of existing access control systems
  • Activated by proximity detection
  • LED and audio indications
  • Wiegand, clock & data and TCP/IP outputs
  • Anti-tamper and vandal resistant
  • Built in environmental controls; heater and humidity sensor for external use
  • Spoof detection functionality can be enabled
  • Custom colour options