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Digital Locking

Everybody is aware of how modern technology is transforming the business world, yet many businesses still rely on a simple key, a tool that was first developed over 4,000 years ago to protect their business.

Conventional mechanical lock and key systems offer only a basic form of Access Control and if keys are lost or stolen it can be very expensive to replace locks. Digital locking is a modern solution that offers many advantages over mechanical locks.

Managing conventional keys presents a number of challenges, firstly because of the need to hold multiple sets of keys and master keys for each of the various doors and with larger premises, it is not unusual to have three or more levels of master keys. If these are mislaid then entire sets have to be replaced, with the ongoing concern that the lost keys may have fallen into the wrong hands creating a security problem.

A stand-alone digital electronic lock simplifies key replacement and the process to allow access to specific areas. With a conventional key, the holder can access an area at any time, with a digital solution it is easy to set the times an individual is granted access to the area.

Digital locking systems are highly versatile, scalable and deliver real peace of mind when it comes to the security of staff and the protection of assets. They eliminate the risks associated with the conventional mechanical lock and key systems, which offer no protection if a key is copied, lost or stolen. With a digital system, if an access card or transponder is lost, it can be deleted from use without impacting any other users.

Digital locking systems are highly reliable and are easily integrated into both new and existing buildings. Installation is straightforward by simply replacing the existing mechanical cylinder or handle with an electronic digital cylinder or handle.

Each lock can provide a timed operation, audit records and multi-level access control and is operated wirelessly with an active transponder, passive card reader or keypad. All access decisions are made at the lock and the locks can operate as standalone devices or as part of a wireless or wired network.

Digital locking systems are highly versatile, scalable and suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are extremely well suited to applications where there is a requirement to be able to secure a large number of doors such as Education, Government, Healthcare, Banks and Industry.