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Simons Voss Transponder

SV Transponder

The smoothly rounded hand-held unit will open up to 48,000 doors, including inside and outside doors, cupboards, gates and barriers of all kinds. If a transponder is lost, it can be blocked immediately. Changes in access authorisation can be quickly and flexibly programmed. It requires practically no servicing or maintenance: the high-performance battery lasts for eight to ten years, or around a million operations before it needs to be replaced.

Key Features

  • The standard transponder in a robust casing with midnight-blue button
  • Versions identical to the standard transponder but with a dark-red button
  • Switching transponder with two connection wires enabling the floating contact of an external device to be activated
  • Integrated lithium button cell
    An additional passive chip for integrating external systems
  • Password transponder for storing the locking system password


Reading Distances40 cm to the cylinder and up to 120 cm to the Smart Relay
Data sets storedthree independent locking systems
Diameter42 mm, thickness: 13.7 mm
Battery Lifespanup to one million activations or up to ten years on standby
ProtectionIP 65, with bonded casing IP 66