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Simons Voss Pincode Reader

Pincode Reader

The PinCode Keypad is integrated into the System 3060 without wires and opens any component by radio when the correct 4 to 8-digit code is entered. With its transparent ring, this ultra-flat, flush-mounted keypad goes with any setting. The keypad is mounted near the door – inside, outside, and even on glass surfaces.

The keypad can be set in a special VdS shunt lock mode, enabling it to be used for the simple arming and disarming of an alarm system.

The PinCode Keypad has a dual-stage battery warning system, which announces the need to change the battery in good time. To protect against misuse, an acoustic alarm sounds for one minute if an incorrect PinCode is entered five times.

Key Features

  • No wires
  • Opens any component by radio
  • Announces the need to change the battery
  • Special VdS shunt lock mode
  • Simons Voss Pincode Reader


Reading rangeApprox. 40 cm to a locking cylinder, up to 120 cm to a Smart Relay
Manipulation alarmYes
Dual-stage batteryYes
Temperature Range–20 to + 50 °C
Battery LifespanUp to 100,000 activations or approx. 10 years standby
Battery Type2 x CR2032
Dimensions95.7 x 96 x 14 mm (W x H x L)
ProtectionIP 65