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Simons Voss Digital Locking and Access Control Systems

With more than 10,000 systems installed around the world, SimonsVoss is a technology leader in the rapidly growing market for digital, battery-operated locking and access control systems.

SimonsVoss systems make access control more secure, convenient and cost-effective. They have developed digital technology to revolutionise classic mechanical locking systems and integrated access control functions.

SimonsVoss products use digital transponder rather than a standard key and have successfully and consistently developed industry-leading radio-controlled, wireless locking and access control systems.

SimonsVoss products are easy to install and replace existing mechanical locks, without the need for additional cabling and without further damage to the door. They offer complete flexibility allowing access rights of a person’s smart card or transponder key to be quickly changed as required.

These systems ensure that once the door is closed, then no access will be granted afterwards, without another permitted card or transponder key.  A door can also be set to automatically operate in an unlocked mode for set periods of a day and automatically return to a locked state when the door needs to be fully secured.

The system is completely flexible and can be used from 1 to thousands of doors. In many cases it is possible for a SimonsVoss system to operate alongside older existing systems, allowing for the easy transition to a fully digital solution.