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Biometric Smart Reader

PAC Biometric Smart Reader

The PAC Smart Biometric Reader integrates fingerprint technology by comparing it against a card template. This eliminates the need for a central database and communications infrastructure.

A contactless smart card reader and biometric finger scanner are combined into the unit. The unit reads a stored fingerprint template from the card together with the access control code and card number in one pass. Only when a finger is presented to the reader and it has been compared against a template from the card to give a match does it release the information for processing. Once the information has been processed the reader then either grants or denies access.

This PAC Smart Biometric Reader is ideal for security areas where user identification and verification is of high importance. The reader prevents fraud and misuse, which increases the security of the building to the highest level available.

Key Features

Contactless Mifare Technology

No fingerprint database required

The complete two-dimensional structure of the fingerprint image is stored on a single smart card

Leading edge sensor technology to image fingerprints in a small, hardened package

Fast verification and authentication processing time less that one second

Visual and audible feedback

Features and Specifications

DescriptionSmart Biometric Access Reader
ID TechnologyMifare
Output FormatPAC
DimensionsH: 135mm W:50mm D:65mm
Weight178g nominal
Maximum Read RangeUp to 60mm
EnvironmentIP67 – Indoor/Outdoor weather resistant
Maximum Current RequirementsAverage 250mA, Peak 350mA
Operating voltage10v to 14vdc at 1/2 Amp regulated
Recommended Cable Type6-core 24 AWG alarm cable
Operating Temperature0º to 55ºC
Operating Humidity0 to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
Audiovisual IndicationLED and buzzer
MaterialSilver and Charcoal Plastic