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Proximity Marine Reader

Proximity Marine Readers

The Proximity Marine reader is perfect for the most demanding environments, designed to be stylish as well as practical. The reader is low profile and has inner and outer circles of light. This lighting arrangement is attractive and gives excellent visibility. Proximity Readers read a token when the token is held within close proximity.

When the token has been read, the controller looks up all the access permissions of that user and either grant or denies access. The green LED flashes if access is granted, and the red if access is denied. At other times the reader is surrounded by a constant blue light. The blue light may be switched off or its intensity varied by presenting the supplied backlight dimming card.

Key Features

  • Use with Switch2 or Net2
  • Marine grade stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for marine and other harsh environments
  • Blue backlight for high visibility
  • IPX7 rated