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Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles

Controlling the access of both people and vehicles onto a site is becoming an essential management tool for many businesses. The installation of gates, barriers or turnstiles will improve overall site security and facilitate site management.

Gates, barriers and turnstiles can be fully integrated with Access Control and CCTV systems to provide a complete control package, allowing the monitoring, recording and movement control of staff and visitors throughout the premises.


Our comprehensive range of barrier designs includes simple manually operated versions through to sophisticated automatic parking systems and high-level security systems.

Our rising arm barriers include applications for high volume car parking barriers, through to slower operating 7-meter barriers for Industrial and security applications.

The barriers are designed and manufactured in the UK using 100% duty cycle rated motors with robust cast iron gearboxes, and a sinusoidal final stage drive. The main housings are manufactured from Zintec steel to provide extra weather-resistant protection and are designed to provide long-term durable operation.


The perimeter fence or wall of commercial and industrial properties is the first line of defence against unauthorised access whether it is via vehicle or foot traffic. However, an effective boundary fence is meaningless if the vehicle and pedestrian access points offer unrestricted and uncontrolled access to the site.

We offer a wide range of gated security solutions to provide a higher level of security. We are able to offer a security solution to suit most applications. As with all of our products specific attention is paid to the robustness of manufacture and design and to long-term durability.


Turnstiles and pedestrian gates provide an effective means of controlling access to a site. Our range of products includes full height turnstiles. These can be used in conjunction with access control systems and with fire alarm systems to allow free access to fire muster points.