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Grosvenor Technology Sateon Advance

Sateon Advance

Grosvenor Technology develops, manufacture and provide Access Control and Workforce Management solutions. Grosvenor have created a solution of access control hardware consisting of “blade based” door I/O controllers that snap into place to add additional doors in seconds. Both Hardware and software has evolved to deliver a scalable system for end users. It’s intuitive as it is cost effective.

Every investment needs to display positive ‘return on investment’ and your Access Control system shouldn’t be any different. Creating linkage to elevators, heating, ventilation and other variable resources, efficiencies are improved and operating costs reduced.

Ease of use

Based in a Windows environment Sateon Advance makes managing your Access Control easy. Simply use the IE browser on any device to make live changes as and when the need occurs. Because Sateon Advance can be accessed at any time from any Windows device, the system can be configured to enable an administrator or security manager to simply use Internet Explorer to view and edit any employee profile remotely. Ex employees can be deleted or locked out of the system removing the threat of any security breach in real time.

Never Stop Expanding

Sateon scales from a single door, to an infinite number of doors. Your business’s growth ambitions, will never out-grow AlertSystem’s capability. From a small building to a global estate, all users and protected areas can be managed from the intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Ease of Installation

Sateon hardware and software has been designed to be installed quickly and with ease, meaning your system will be up and running in no time. The ability to work with modern IP networks and out-dated cabling infrastructure found in older systems result in little disruption to your work premises. Regardless of whether Sateon Advance is your first Access Control system or replacing an existing one.

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