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Lone Worker Protection

Working alone is not in itself against the law and it will often be safe to do so. However, the law requires employers to consider carefully, and then deal with, any health and safety risks for people working alone.

Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare at work of all their workers. They also have responsibility for the health and safety of any contractors or self-employed people doing work for them.

Employers have a duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary.

We offer a range of highly effective and easy to use lone worker protection systems to ensure workers are never alone wherever they are.

At the first hint of a dangerous situation, simply pressing one button will alert a team of highly experienced operators, they are able to listen and assess the situation, while accurately locating the user, and coordinate the appropriate response.

Lone worker systems can help by not just assisting employers to fulfil health and safety requirements in respect of duty of care but also enable staff to work more safely, confidently and therefore more effectively.

By simply pressing one key on their mobile, workers in distress can have the emergency services right there assisting them within minutes.

Lone worker systems provide:

  • A Red Alert key to speed dial operators at the Lone Worker Response Centre
  • An Amber Alert key to be set up to enable users to record their likely whereabouts
  • 2-way communication
  • On-screen satellite and base-station mapping so users can be located
  • A voice channel for operators to listen and assess situations
  • Discrete alarm activation
  • 24/7 operator support
  • Audio recordings for incidents for use in courts
  • All of the above can be delivered via mobile devices.