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Smoke Cloak

SmokeCloak is one of the most effective ways of preventing the theft of valuable items from business premises. It has been designed to provide protection in the critical time between the alarm activation and the arrival of a response team.

The SmokeCloak system can be connected to an alarm system which triggers the smoke cloak when an intruder is detected. When the alarm is activated SmokeCloak produces a harmless but impenetrable ‘fog’ that fills the protected area in seconds. After activation the system reverts to a standby mode, monitoring the smoke density and if an alarm condition persists the smoke will be ‘topped-up’ as required. The system can also be manually activated by the use of a panic button.

SmokeCloak fog is also now available with DNA marking to enable the identification of perpetrators and link them forensically to a crime scene.

SmokeCloak Benefits

  • Protects in seconds
  • Designed to integrate with electronic alarm systems
  • Leaves no residues and will not damage stock or equipment
  • Safe for people and animals