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SmokeCloaks Protection for ATMS and Banks

Smoke Cloak Bank ATM

The cash handling, financial and banking companies are continuously trying to improve their security measures as they have always taken the threat of villainous attacks.

These premises remain a target due to the presence of cash, which is highly attractive to criminals. They have made investments in both the building infrastructure and the quality of electronic security and CCTV equipment.

MSS Professional supply the SmokeCloak range of instant protection products which generate huge volumes of fog that blocks the villains’ attempts to steal.

SmokeCloaks are used around the world to protect the following cash handling and premises;

  • ATMs
  • Banking Halls
  • Vaults and Safes
  • Foreign Exchange Premises
  • Data protection equipment, office and computers
  • Cash in transit (vehicles and depots)

SmokeCloak ATM/Bank

The requirement for cash to be available 24 hours a day has led to an increase in ATMs. This creates a new problem from a security perspective, the criminal has free access and as much time as he wants to prepare for a physical attack on ATM without activating any alarms.

SmokeCloak can be integrated into any existing alarm system, and can be activated by PIRs, seismic sensors, heat sensors or tamper circuits. SmokeCloak can also be used in circumstances when a criminal who has a lower threshold attacks the premises during the day when the bank is open, a SmokeCloak system would help prevent these situations and the product does not harm people.

SmokeCloak now protects several thousand cash handling sites around the world.

MSS Professional Smoke Cloak - Office Alarm Example