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SmokeCloaks Instant Theft and Raid Protection for Jewellers

Jewellers have a lot at stake with high-value stock clearly on display in the windows, this makes security very important.

Most jewellery stores have a CCTV system and an elaborate Alarm system installed at their premises. However, following a robbery, it’s been proven that staff have been unprotected and this caused some concern. There are a number of major issues at stake such as; response time, visibility of stock, and protection of staff. Following robberies, many have decided it was time to find out about SmokeCloak products and get it installed as soon as possible.

Since then, robbers have turned up at the same stores and the SmokeCloak system has activated and deterred the intruders within 14 seconds – taking nothing with them.

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MSS Professional Smoke Cloak - Warehouse Alarm Example