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Wireless Fire Detection systems.

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Cost Benefits

The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has published data regarding Waking Watch costs through a range of external stakeholders from June to September 2020.

The data collected covers a large variety of buildings but was not collected using a random sampling methodology and may not be nationally representative.

From the MHCLG data:

Average monthly Waking Watch costs per building

Mean monthly Waking Watch costEnglandLondonRest of England
Per Building£17,897£20,443£15,279
Per Dwelling£331£499£179

These costs are every month and will be applied until remedial works are completed a period that could be several years!

A Wireless Fire Detection system can be installed for a one-off cost with only minimal ongoing services costs. The system will pay for itself in just a few weeks and save thousands of pounds in the longer term.

MHCLG provide an example of a real project

4 residential blocks with
191 dwelling units in
Waking Watch
Cost for 10 weeks
Wireless System
One-off total Cost
Overall Cost£188,563£112,000
Cost per Dwelling Unit£987£586

In the above example a Waking Watch solution over 3 years would cost property owners and residents more than £2.8 million! This compares to the £120,000 total cost of Wireless Fire System for the same period.