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Simultaneous Evacuation Fire Systems.

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Simultaneous Evacuation Fire Systems

Our wireless fire system works with heat detectors placed in each flat working as “cladding detectors” and with wall sounders in common areas to alert building residents in seconds in case of fire and help evacuating in a timely manner.

The System will provide protection for the entire building and is BS5839 Part1 L5 compliant, it will crucially also provide protection for every individual apartment.

Every room with a window in an external wall will be fitted with a heat detector to provide heat detection from an external source.

This system supports the guidance that “Stay Put” must be temporarily replaced by a simultaneous evacuation strategy.  This means during the interim period when you are waiting for the cladding/fireproofing to be fixed if the alarm detects a fire everyone should evacuate the property.

The cost of the system is a future investment as once the cladding and fire protection has been remedied the system can be re-purposed. Either as BS5839 compliant active fire protection system or as an evacuation system meeting the requirements of the BS8629. This will raise the alarm just in specific areas, and the attending Fire and Rescue Service can use the system to evacuate a building safely and efficiently as needed.


  • Early detection of fire: the advanced radio signal processing algorithms ensure fast detection of the fire signals.
  • Quick notification to building tenants: fast communication between devices and control panel allows building residents to be alerted in seconds in case of fire and evacuated in a timely manner.
  • No need to cable into tenants’ residence, fast installation: wireless fire devices can be programmed quickly and easily offsite, then installed in minutes, with no need for cabling or renovation and radically reducing the people required to install. An installer needs only short-term access to properties, radically reducing the disturbance to tenants.
  • Flexible system, easy to modify once the dangerous cladding has been removed: without having to rewire, products can be easily moved to expand or modify the system.