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What can Residents do?

What can I do if I am a resident currently paying for Waking Watch services?

Waking Watch services were brought in to be temporary solution however in many cases these have been in place for several years and often it is residents that have had to pay. In addition, many residents have found Service charges and insurance cost have also been subject to large increases.

There have also been a number of reports where waking watches have been found to be performing their duties as required.

The Inside Housing report into the use of waking watches since the Grenfell Tower fire, showed over 420 buildings across England currently have waking watches due to ‘serious fire safety issues’, but also that ‘more than’ 300 fires have been recorded as taking place in these properties.

As a first step it’s important to contact the person responsible for your buildings fire safety and ask for details of the Fire Risk Assessment for your property.

A wireless Fire Alarm System provides reassurance and offers significant financial benefits to residents and properties owners. We would be pleased to work with your responsible person to discuss options suitable for your property.

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