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Electrified Fencing

Intelligent Perimeter Security Electrified Fence Detection System

This works by fitting an additional wiring structure, mounted onto your existing fence, or new fence if applicable. It will be fitted onto the inside or above the fence line.

The Electrified Fence Detection System is first and foremost a form of perimeter intruder detection system or PID, which provides continuous monitoring with a guaranteed zero nuisance or false alarm rate.

The system Energiser provides a painful, but an otherwise harmless electric shock to persons tampering with, cutting through, or climbing over the barrier provided by the electric wire structure.

The system operates on dual electrifiers to enable each adjacent conductor wire to function on a different electrifier. An alarm condition is signalled under the following conditions:

  • When any wire is grounded
  • When wires within a group connection are cut.
  • When adjacent wires touch.

Advanced Pinpoint Detection

Individual sections of the perimeter can be zoned, around the complete perimeter, to a minimum distance of 12 metres per zone. When integrated with the Alert Rapid Dome Camera System this will mean that you can achieve excellent, close, alarm pre-set views of any section of the perimeter.

The Advanced Pinpoint Detection feature is also present when the high voltage pulses are removed from the fence conductors. This means that the alarm conditions, cut or short, continue to be monitored when the fence is in its low voltage or off monitoring mode.

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