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Castle Care Tech SmartCom IP TCD Digital Communicator

SmartCom IP TCD is the latest innovation from Castle Care-Tech, a leading UK designer of award winning control panels. This universal stand-alone IP module or TCD (Telemetry Communications Device), using the Emizon 21 service enables IP communication with most manufacturer’s control panels. It is ideal for retro-fits as a replacement to your existing communications device.

Key Features:
  1. Simple to use
  2. Universal IP programming
  3. Grade 4 EN 50131-1
  4. Managed IP Communication
  5. with Emizon 21 enabled

Castle Care Tech SmartCom IP TCD Digital Communicator

Emizon 21 is the first secure, managed messaging service designed specifi cally for IP networks. This service manages the end-to-end message delivery between the alarm panel and the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Unlike other services, Emizon 21 actively secures the message delivery, rather than the various paths that the message travels over.

Secure Managed Communication
The Emizon 21 service not only maintains, but often increases the security standards associated with traditional dual path signalling services and is EN 50131-1 Grade 4 signalling compliant. Dual path signalling is achieved by using IP as the primary fixed path and the secondary wireless path is GPRS.

Control panel compatibility All Panels with ATE Outputs
Alarm inputs  11 plus tamper and AC Fail
Relay outputs  3
Control panel connections RS232, RS485
Status LED indications 8
Remote signalling Fast format IP
Dual path option GPRS
Quad-band GPRS transceiver GSM850/900/1800/1900
Line fail notification on primary path Yes
Line fail notification on secondary path Yes
Low battery monitor Yes
Quiescent current consumption  <100mA
Transmitting current consumption <450mA 
Security grading PD 6662, EN 50131-1 Grade 4, ATS 5 for both primary and secondary paths Form 175 compliant 
Environmental Class 2 
DD 243  Compliant 
Dimensions  168mm x 114mm x 35mm 
Antenna  Supplied
SIM card and GPRS contract bundle  Yes

Internet Protocol is the method used to exchange data between two computers or other systems (in this case the alarm system and the ARC) via the internet. SmartCom uses IP via a DSL (broadband) connection as its primary (fi xed) path.

General Packet Radio Service is a standard for wireless communications which runs at a faster speed than GSM. It is idea for sending and receiving small bursts of data, as well as larger volumes. Smartcom uses Vodafone’s GPRS network as its secondary communication path.