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Chiron Iris IP Digital Communicator

Key Features

  • Cost effective linking all major panels with analogue dialling
  • Can carry alerts across traditional or I.P. routes
  • Secure Encrypted Links
  • Can offer remote uploads and configuration of Panel
  • Cost effective Host Software for ARC’s

Benefits to the Alarm Industry

  • Reduces communications costs for transmission and monitoring
  • Compatibility with new standards (EN50136)
  • Platform for new services (e.g. video verification)
  • Needs no investment in new alarm panels

Polling Procedure

  • IRIS 800 sets up TCP/IP connection to IRIS Polling Engine and sends its identification (account number)
  • IRIS Polling Engine issues a random ‘challenge’ to authenticate the caller
  • IRIS 800 encrypts the challenge using its preloaded security key and sends the result back to Polling Engine. Status of all local comms lines also reported to Polling Engine
  • Polling Engine checks result and matches what it gets when it encrypts the challenge with its local copy of the keyIf OK, Polling Engine downloads any new parameters (e.g. poll period) to the remote unit and reports any comms status changes to ARC. Overdue polls reported to ARC

Alarm Transmission Procedure

  • Alarm dialler goes off hook, receives local dial-tone from the IRIS 800 and dials IP address of IRIS Receiver
  • IRIS 800 makes TCP/IP connection to IRIS Receiver and is authenticated, as with Polling
  • IRIS 800 issues ‘Handshake’ tone to alarm dialler and collects alarm signal. Alarm protocol (FF, CID or SIA) is auto-detected
  • Alarm signal is encrypted and sent to IRIS Receiver where it is forwarded to the ARC
  • IRIS Receiver confirms receipt to IRIS 800 which sends ‘Kiss-off’ to the alarm dialler

Benefits of IRIS Approach

  • IRIS Polling Engine does not need to know IP address of IRIS 800 – An alarm system can operate through Fire Walls, NAT Servers, Public/Private Gateways and over GPRS
  • High level of security – authentication and encryption using MD5 and RC4 algorithms – Security key itself is not transmitted
  • Each transaction has a random element so will appear different to interceptors
  • Every IRIS 800 has its own security key of up to 256 bits
  • Alarm signals passed transparently from dialler to ARC

Any interruption of transmission causes dialler to retry