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SmokeCloak Vali Range

The New Generation in Fog Security
The Smoke Cloak Vali Range is not only about high performance, with brand new features such as USB interface and a fluid refill system. 

Product Features

  1. Very high output of dense white fog for maximum protection
  2. Fluid refill system
  3. Air flush system
  4. Improved cosmetic design
  5. USB interface for upload/download of information and log file
  6. Built-in battery backup
  7. Patented automatic smoke density control
  8. Heavy duty sabotage resistant case
  9. Audible status signal
  10. Internal system status LED indicators
  11. Built-in self diagnostics
  12. Electronic fluid measurement system
  13. Harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects
  14. Non pressurised heating based system
  15. Power saving mode
  16. SAI system (Service Active Input) for easy maintenance
  17. Output signals for communication with existent alarm system
  18. Input signals for controlling the SmokeCloak existing alarm system
SmokeCloak Vali Range
All SmokeCloak products are fully compatible, and can be linked into any alarm system. The cloaksensor automatically controls smoke density, regardless of the method of attack. 
Design and Construction
The SmokeCloak Vali Range is designed in the UK and Denmark, and manufactured in the UK and complies to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.
  Vali V5 Vali V10 Vali V20
Dimensions 438x340x176 mm 438x340x176 mm 488x340x176 mm
Weight (install) 11.65 Kg 11.65 Kg 14.1 Kg
Weight (hanging) 20.15 Kg 20.15 Kg 23.15 Kg
Colour Hightech grey/RAL 7035 Hightech grey/RAL 7035 Hightech grey/RAL 7035
Fluid 1.7 litre fluid refill system 1.7 litre fluid refill system 1.7 litre fluid refill system
Electrical 200-250V & 110V 200-250V & 110V 200-250V & 110V
Power consumption 1.5KW @ 230V 1.5KW @ 230V 2KW @ 230V
Standby consumption 75W 85W 105W
Power saving system Programmable Programmable Programmable
Reaction time 0.1 seconds 0.1 seconds 0.1 seconds
Output 220m³ in 30 seconds 405m³ in 30 seconds 600m³ in 30 seconds
Backstop timer Programmable 1-60 min Programmable 1-60 min Programmable 1-60 min
Heat up time (Ready) 9 min 9 min 9 min