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Dual ANPR Cameras

A combined unit providing both Snap Shot Pro ANPR and overview cameras. The Snap Shot Pro ANPR camera captures the licence plate perfectly, whilst a second, high resolution colour overview camera displays the vehicle detail.

When used with SNAP ANPR processors, every vehicle record includes images taken from both cameras at exactly the same time. The result is everything you need to identify the vehicle.

The two cameras can be mounted together to form a single neat assembly, or they may be separated to provide slightly different views.

Full Specifications:

Part no 6210 (6211)
Range 3-20 metres
Power pulse IR LED illuminator Yes
Minimum illumination  0/1.5 lux
Shutter speed 1/1000th / 1/50th sec
Resolution (TV Lines) 530/460
Quickset keypad Yes
Zoom in  
Zoom out  
Iris open  
Iris close  
Focus(auto one-shot)  
Image flip (anpr only)  
Reset camera  
Anpr/overview select switch  
RS485 remote telemetry local/remote select switch Yes
Video opto-isolator (anpr) Yes
Video opto-isolator (overview) Yes
Video level boost (anpr) Yes
Vehicle speed sensor No
5-120 mph range  
Directional filter  
Approaching vehicles only  
Accuracy +/- 1 mph  
Licence exempt  
Supply voltage 24v ac (230v)
Power consumption 24w
Camera dimensions (HxWxD) 120x210x195
Junction box dimensions mm 188x188x130
Weight 3.3kg (4.0Kg)
Flexible steel conduit 2 x 1 metre
IP rating IP67