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Bollard Cameras

For those locations where fitting a standard Snap Shot camera is just not practical an alternative floor standing Snap Shot bollard camera may ideally suit these applications.

When vehicles identification is required barrier or gate, the camera needs to be at low-level and on the “un-secure” side of the barrier in order to get a clear view of the licence plate.

These bollards are made of heavy-gauge steel and now come with a 3 year anti-corrosion guarantee. They feature a Lexan window and full height lockable rear door which provides internal access. There are no external fixings which results in a tamper-proof assembly.

An internal base clamp allows the bollard to be rotated before being securely locked in position. We recommend that a substantial concrete base is used and, where necessary, that steel or concrete bollards are used to protect the camera from wayward vehicles.

These cameras are available in both standard and dual versions and include all the standard features. The standard finish is powder coat semi-gloss yellow and white, but we do also supply these cabinets in specific colours on request.

Full Specifications:

Part no 6240 6241
Range 3-20 metres 3-20 metres
Power pulse IR LED illuminator Yes Yes
Minimum illumination 0 Lux 0/1.5 lux
Shutter speed 1/1000th sec 1/1000th / 1/50th sec
Resolution (TV Lines) 530 530/460
Quickset keypad Yes Yes
Zoom in    
Zoom out    
Iris open    
Iris close    
Focus(auto one-shot)    
Image flip (anpr only)    
Reset camera    
Anpr/overview select switch    
RS485 remote telemetry local/remote select switch Yes Yes
Video opto-isolator (anpr) Yes Yes
Video opto-isolator (overview) No Yes
Video level boost (anpr) Yes Yes
Vehicle speed sensor No No
5-120 mph range    
Directional filter    
Approaching vehicles only    
Accuracy +/- 1 mph    
Licence exempt    
Supply voltage 24v ac (230v)  24v ac (230v)
Power consumption 20w 24w
Camera dimensions (HxWxD) 101x101x101 101x101x101
Junction box dimensions mm 910x220x220 910x220x220
Weight 24kg (25Kg) 24kg (25Kg)
Flexible steel conduit    
IP rating IP65 IP65