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Number Plate Recognition Camera 6030



 ANPR 6030
This camera builds on our previous model by offering remote control of zoom, focus and iris from our software or SNAP processors. Buttons are also provided for these same controls on the rear of the camera (rear cover removed) to simplify set up.
Model 6030 Single Bollard 24v ac
Illuminator Infra-red
ANPR Camera Monochrome 460 line, 1/1000sec, 18:1 zoom
Local & remote control of zoom, focus & iris
Overview Camera(Dual Models Only) Monochrome 460 line, 1/1000sec, 10:1 zoom
Local & remote control of zoom, focus & iris
Camera Telemetry RS485
Cabinet Powder coated steel, lockable full-height door, Lexan window, rated IP54
Power Consumption 45 watts maximum
Size 900mm x 220mm x 220mm (excluding sunhood)
Weight 22Kg
Operating Temperature -10 to 50º C


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