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Intruder Alarm Service & Maintenance

Car owners know their vehicle requires periodic maintenance and won't work at the level it was designed to perform at without regular basic checks.  When purchasing a vehicle a list of maintenance items is provided detailing what needs to be periodically undertaken.

The same applies to Intruder Alarm systems.  Regular maintenance is important and should be carried out.

Intruder Alarm maintenance falls into two categories, preventative and repair.  Whilst the customer will be able to undertake some basis tasks, i.e. general cleaning of equipment, a maintenance schedule of inspection visits will be set up between the supplier / installer and customer to deal with the more technical or quality issues. View our example Intruder Alarm Maintenance Check Lists

Intruder Alarm systems are like any other mechanical device.  Faults do develop from time to time.  Detection devices may stop working, control equipment stop functioning or signalling equipment fail.  The repair functions offered by the Intruder Alarm provider alleviate these problems.  Qualified engineers quickly and easily replace faulty or damaged equipment, thus minimizing any down-time

A Service Agreement / Contract will be confirmed between the customer and provider detailing the service provision offered. Service Agreement Options will vary depending on the level of service provision required. 

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