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Service Maintenance Checklists

Scheduled preventative maintenance of your security system is vital to ensure your premises; staff and property are protected at all times. Faults can develop from time to time and if your system is not correctly maintained, it can lead to false intruder alarm activations, poor CCTV performance and Access Control readers could stop working.

In order to overcome these potential issues, our preventative maintenance visits check all the key components of your Alarm, CCTV and Access Control systems to ensure they’re operating efficiently.

For any premises that have Fire Alarm Systems, a maintenance contract is required otherwise the system does not fully comply with the British Standard. The current British Standard states that all Fire Alarm Systems should be tested twice a year. However, this only applies to systems installed after 2002; any older systems should comply with the previous edition of the standard, which required quarterly maintenance on all systems. The current standard also makes a ‘recommendation’ for the battery back-up of the system to be tested quarterly.

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