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Infra-Red or White-Light?

When identifying what type of light to use the purpose of the system needs to be identified first.

Infra-red lighting is designed to be used only by CCTV cameras. It provides greater distance, a varying degree of invisibility and no light pollution.

White-Light can be used to illuminate areas viewed by CCTV cameras and also act as a visual deterrent when turned on upon detection of intruder activity. It also provides reguar courtesy lighting for pedestrians, staff and vehicles.

White-Light - suitable for colour cameras

Advantages Disadvantages

Visible Deterrent Light Pollution
Quick Start(LED only) Reduced Distances
Full colour rendition
Easy set up

Infra-Red - Suitable for Day/Night and Monochrome Cameras

Advantages Disadvantages

Covert Limited deterrent Longer Distances More difficult to set up No light pollution