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TDSi Readers

Readers are an essential part of most secure access control systems so we have been extensively talking to our customers, end-users and patners to ascertain what would best suit the needs of the real world.

Readers become a fully integrated part of the buildings and facilities they protect, so the way they look shouldn’t be ignored. Whilst the units need to be visible and highly intuitive to use, they also need to fit in with modern architecture and surroundings to present an attractive addition which doesn’t overly impose on the setting in which they are installed.


These high quality access control card readers provide robust, reliable performance through contactless technology for a wide range of applications. With a read range up to 15cm, these fully featured readers
are available in a number of options for maximum design flexibility.


These access control card readers provide a robust, flexible and highly secure solution. Available in a range of formats to suit individual project needs, users may select between mullion and switch box mount options.

  • ABS plastic housings ­ with a choice of clip-on covers

  • Fully encapsulated unit, suitable for internal or external installation

  • Audible and visual indication of card access status

  • Allows connection to all standard access control panels

  • Comprehensive range - offering a complete solution for any smart card-based system
  • All versions available in two variants - Chip Serial Number (CSN) and Sector reader

  • Configuration and programming tool available for user convenience and added security

  • Desktop enrolment reader allows CSN data to be easily entered into any Windows application including EXgarde

  • Quick and easy smartcard solution utilising the features of the proven MIFARE® technology

  • One card may be used for multiple applications - including cashless vending, library services, POS and car parking

  • May be used for internal and external applications

  • Provides visual and audible confirmation of card status


The Biometric reading technologies are viewed as being at the cutting edge of security technology. From the very first commercial application for a fingerprint reader the market has regularly seen the introduction of new products and applications. Some are clearly concepts where manufacturers ‘test the water’ whilst others quickly gain acceptance and find their place in real-life applications.

Long Range Reader

TDSi offer a cost effective long range reader solution that delivers execptional read ranges using 2 button key fobs which transmit a unique and highly secure encrypted code to a receiving unit. This solution is ideally suited to vehicle control to remotely open a barrier or hands free operation of doors.

  • Operates stand-alone or in conjunction with Access Controller - integrate it into a full access control system providing real-time event monitoring and central system programming
  • T&A - Use the T&A functionality of the reader to allow users to clock-in and clock out
  • 1, 2 or 3 factor authentication - Gives you the flexibility to choose the level of security that matches your needs
  • Built in Mifare Card reader - Allows storage of the fingerprint template on a smart card. Use the card for other applications
  • Bypass card capability - Provides a means to grant access for those with badly damaged fingerprints
  • High speed matching algorithm - Quickly scans and processes the fingerprint maximising user convenience
  • Integrated with EXgarde - Manage the capture and distribution of templates from the same software used to monitor and program your access control system. Use the SDK to integrate DIGIgarde PLUS with other systems
  • External reader input - Connect a third-party reader to allow a fingerprint template to be associated with a regular access control card



  • Ideal for applications requiring remote barrier operation - such as car parks
  • Simple and straightforward programming

  • Cost effective, high performance solution can operate over distances up to 100 metres

  • Both receiver channels may be connected to a TDSi access control unit - to control two access points through one, two-button key fob





Energy Saver

An Energy saving switch allows lights or other electrical devices to be used only when a MIFARE card has been inserted, recognised and left in place.

Suitable for hotels, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, leisure centres and offices, this product will deliver reduced energy consumption and an improved carbon footprint. The product also features a 30 second time delay, so that once the card is removed, power remain on for a comfortable period­ allowing occupants to vacate the room.

  •  No moving parts mean maximum reliability and minimum maintenance

  • Clear audible and visual indicators provide maximum user confidence

  •  Flexibility allows users to configure the unit ­ for example to turn on or off the blue back light

  • Helps reduce enerrgy consumption and cost

  • Helps reduce a building's carbon footprint