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Avalon H Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The Avalon H was available as a 4, 8 or 16 channel, high performance Digital Video Recorder.
It offered a cost-effective, high-performance DVR, that incorporated H.264 video compression technology for increased storage and smoother video transmission.

The Avalon H DVR is no longer available or supported by the manufacturer, but this is a robust unit, and many remain in daily use.


360 Vision Avalon H DVR – 1970 issue

As an end-of-life unsupported product it is inevitable that the Avalon H will become more susceptible to issues.

Avalon H calendar wrong year day selection
Avalon H system configuration time & date

We have been made aware Avalon H recorders are experiencing a Time / Date issue associated with the dates in year 2021.

The operations resulting in issues include:

  • The use of express playback causes the system to ‘jump’ to a 1970 date after any changes are made to the Calendar
  • The inability to export footage dated 2021 on the unit itself

Do you have a 360 Vision Avalon H DVR?

How to identify an Avalon Model H DVR:

  • Black DVR
  • Orange numbers run along the front at the top
  • The round wheel on the right-hand side
  • CD/DVD tray or blanking plate on the left-hand side
  • Red hard drive light flashes, if solid red hard drive light then DVR is an Avalon Model T

360 Vision Avalon H DVR – Support

We can help If you are experiencing any issue with your Avalon H DVR, simply complete the contact form below and we will contact you.

Full details and specifications of the Avalon H DVR can be found on our website here.