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Intruder EN Grade Two

Intruder Grade 2 Example


DC                    Door Contact (Grade 2)

PIR                   Passive Infra Red Movement Detector (Grade 2)

DT                    Dual Technology Movement Detector (Grade 2)

BG                    Break Glass Detector

For a Grade 2 System, Anti-mask detectors are not a requirement. 

DD243 still applies regarding overlapping coverage, so PIR coverage must not overlap.

It is acceptable for DT coverage to overlap with PIR or other DT's. 


A 45 second maximum entry timer is permitted, with a further fixed 30 second warning period, before Entry (unconfirmed) Alarm is notified to the ARC. 

Notification (Sounders and Signalling)

Grade 2 Systems would normally provide an ATS with at least 1 self powered audible WD (SAB/SCB), or 2 remotely powered WD's.

Power Supplies

Grade 2 Systems require 12 hours standby when using a ‘Type A' PS.


ACE                 Ancillary Control Equipment                               (eg Exit Terminator Switch)

PACE               Portable Ancillary Control Equipment                (eg Remote Keyfob)

CIE                   Control and Indicating Equipment                     (eg Alarm Panel)

WD                   Warning Device                                                     (eg Bell Box, Sounders, Strobes)

ATS                  Alarm Transmission System                                (Signalling System)

ARC                 Alarm Receiving Centre                                        (Monitoring Station)

PS                    Power Supply                                                         (Power Supply for I & HAS)