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Intruder Grade Sub Systems

Systems can be split into sub-systems with different grades of equipment in area where the risk may be higher.

An example of this shown below would be a bank system, where the vault and ATM may be grade 4, but the bank reception area and teller area could be lower grades.

If a system is divided into sub-systems of different grades, then the CIE should be sited within the supervised area with the highest grade.

In grade 3 and 4 systems the CIE should remain protected at all times when setting any sub-system.

AM PIR             Passive Infra Red Movement Detector, with Anti-mask capability

AM DT              Dual Technology Movement Detector, with Anti-mask capability

VIB                   Vibration Detector

All equipment located in the bank reception area would need to be Grade 2 compliant.

All equipment located in the teller area would need to be Grade 3 compliant.

All equipment located in the vault and ATM room would need to be Grade 4 compliant.



ACE                 Ancillary Control Equipment                               (eg Exit Terminator Switch)

PACE               Portable Ancillary Control Equipment                (eg Remote Keyfob)

CIE                   Control and Indicating Equipment                     (eg Alarm Panel)

WD                   Warning Device                                                     (eg Bell Box, Sounders, Strobes)

ATS                  Alarm Transmission System                                (Signalling System)

ARC                 Alarm Receiving Centre                                        (Monitoring Station)

PS                    Power Supply                                                         (Power Supply for I & HAS)


Example of a Sub-System

 Intruder Grade Sub System