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Intruder EN Grade One

How does Terminology differ between BS and EN50131?

Some Terminology has changed, and some of the more common terms and abbreviations used in the standards are detailed below.

IAS                   Intruder Alarm System                                        (Type of System)

HAS                 Hold-up Alarm System                                        (Type of System)

I&HAS              Intruder & Hold-up Alarm System                     (Type of System)                     

ACE                 Ancillary Control Equipment                               (eg Exit Terminator Switch)

PACE               Portable Ancillary Control Equipment                (eg Remote Keyfob)

CIE                   Control and Indicating Equipment                     (eg Alarm Panel)

WD                   Warning Device                                                     (eg Bell Box, Sounders, Strobes)

ATS                  Alarm Transmission System                                (Signalling System)

ARC                 Alarm Receiving Centre                                        (Monitoring Station)

PS                    Power Supply                                                         (Power Supply for I & HAS)

Example IAS (Intruder Alarm System)

The diagram below shows the terminology for the main components of a system.

Detectors are not shown in this example.

 Intruder Grade 1 Example