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360 Vision Technology Internal Vision IP Dome


Key features:
  1. Multi protocol IP integration
  2. HTML interface
  3. Field support
  4. Intelligent alarms
  5. IP structured cabling
  6. Remote maintenance
  7. Creative privacy zones
  8. Low light capability
  9. Colour/mono
  10. Picture freeze
  11. VisionDome digital upgrades

360 Vision Internal Rapid Dome Camera

Wall Mount

360 Vision Internal Rapid Dome Camera

Pendant Mount

360 Vision Internal Rapid Dome Camera

False Celing Mount
Multi protocols integration The Vision IP Dome range from 360 Vision Technology Ltd (360 vision) integrates fully with the Avalon vision IP range of digital video recorder and management systems.
HTML Interface
Set up and control of all VisionIPDome functions are available via a HTML browser. Functions available include creative privacy zones, presets, tours and remote reset.
Future Proof
The Vision Dome internal software is constantly being developed. As new features are released they can be uploaded on to the dome without hardware changes.
The Vision Dome uses quality components, a simple “clip2fit” assembly method and remote diagnostics to reduce installation, operation and maintenance costs.
Field Support 360 Vision staff offer full support in sales, technical support, installation and commissioning.
Intelligent Alarms The intelligent alarm module allows up to 144 alarm inputs which can be remotely configured via the Vision matrix or any compatible third party system.
IP Structured Cabling The VisionIPDome has RJ45 connections to save installation time and costs.
Remote Maintenance Remote power down and configuration are enabled using a LAN/WAN connection and HTML interface.
Create Privacy Zones 32 privacy zones are available with simple joystick positioning and sizing.
Low Light Capability Frame integration camera options give useable video images at as low as 0.05 lux.
Colour/Mono The External VisionIPDomes are available as colour/mono (day/night) only.
Picture Freeze The on-screen visible image can be frozen whilst the dome moves to preset positions allowing efficient DVR recording.
Vision Dome Digital Upgrades Existing VisionDomes can be upgraded to VisionIPDome functionality using a simple clip in board set. These are available in separate upgrade pack from 360 Vision.
Internal Vision Dome Camera Features 18xColour, Internal
Colour (C) Col/mono (C/M) C
Imager 1/4” Ex-View HAD
Zoom - optical + digital 18x optical, 12x digital
Zoom – total 216x
Line resolution 460
Pixels 752(H) x 582(H)
Horizontal view angle 2.8°(T) 48°(W)
Lens size 4.1 - 73.8 mm
Wide Dynamic Range N
ExView technology Y
Min sensitivity – colour 0.7 Lux
Min sensitivity - colour int 0.05 Lux
Min sensitivity - mono int External VisionIPDome only
Signal/noise ratio >50 dB
Picture freeze Y
Video output 1 V p to p, 75W
Scanning PAL
Focus/iris Auto / manual
Presets 360
Tours 4 (max 128 presets per tour)
Learned patrols 4 mimic tours - up to 30 minutes duration each
Remote reset Via OSD, IP network or dial up
Dynamic privacy zones Up to 32, 8 present on screen simultaneously, 4 levels of opacity
Preset titling Y
Telemetry  Coaxial / RS485 (auto select)
Variable pan speed/coverage 0.1 - 400°/sec, 360° continuous rotation, absolute positioning
Variable tilt speed 0.1 - 200°/sec, absolute positioning
Tilt coverage 90°
Auto homing Goes to preset, tour or mimic tour after prescribed time
Col/mon changeover 3 light levels - menu set up (including set up for IR Lamp)
Line lock Y enable/disable
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C
Power 24Vac 36VA fuse dome, 1.5A fuse
Recommended PSU incl VDE-PSU per single internal VisionDome (1 x 1.5A fuse)
Mounting options Wall, wall-corner, pole, soffit, swan neck, Specialist - vandal resistant, heritage
Operational enhancements Telemetry and power with opto isolation
Certification CE approval
HTML Interface - The HTML Interface enables 360 vision and any third party matrix, transmission or DVR products to remotely access the functionality and set up configuration of the VisionIPDome.  Remote Set up features include ‘’remote power down’’, ‘’gain and lift’’ and all other video adjustments.  First level maintenance can therefore be; achieved remotely, the need or expensive site visits.
Clip2Fit - The VisionIPDome is highly ergonomic and designed for an easy 6 minute assembly at the factory.The Vision IP Dome is also quick to install on site and is easy to maintain and service.
Creative Privacy Zones - 32 privacy zones are available per VisionIPDome.  They can be shaped on screen using a PC mouse. Preset positioning is accurate meaning privacy zones do not have to be oversized to avoid the risk of exposing hidden views as the Vision IP Dome pans and tilts.  Menu set up allows privacy zones to be fully blanked or shaded. Privacy zones will scale proportionally with zoom.
Quietness and accuracy - 400,000 position stepper motors make the VisionIPDome’s operation extremely quiet as well as giving it as highly accurate return to preset positions.