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Business Security System Installation and Support.
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Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics companies constantly face pressure on the ever-increasing requirements to demonstrate quality assurance throughout the entire supply chain. Many transport companies still rely on manned guards, however, with salaries and equipment this can be very expensive this can be a very expensive option when compared to an electronic security solution.

Access Control solutions allow the management of vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows across a site through the use of door entry systems, gates, turnstiles and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Comprehensive security is fundamental in protecting expensive plant and equipment and goods in transit are extremely important. When your business is entrusted to transport your customer’s products you need total confidence in your security systems. AlertSystems are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry and our security solutions are able to reduce loss and minimise liability at every point in your supply chain.

How Transport and Logistics organisations can benefit:

  • Minimising opportunities for theft and anti-social behaviour
  • Optimising day-to-day operations
  • Compliance with statutory regulations
  • Reducing false liability claims
  • Protecting people, buildings and assets
  • Remote monitoring of security systems

Whether you are operating a small transport yard or a fully automated distribution centre, our range of security solutions can be designed to meet your specific operational requirements.