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Business Security System Installation and Support.
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Shopping centres and large retailers are aware of their responsibilities to ensure that all visitors & staff are kept safe.

In modern retail environments, there is a growing requirement for comprehensive security systems. Constant threats such as vandalism, shoplifting and terror attacks mean that security is treated with the utmost importance within these environments.  

Modern CCTV surveillance is no longer confined to deterring and resolving thefts and anti-social behaviour. Advanced software features such as appearance search and unusual motion detection, is increasingly is being used to provide a suite of valuable management information, such as reducing false injury claims, visitor profiling and proactive incident avoidance. The superior image quality of High Definition CCTV cameras produces evidential images with unparalleled image clarity to easily identify intruders, leading to successful prosecutions.

Keeping pace with advanced security systems can present quite a challenge for retailers looking to enhance the functionality of their security systems. Therefore, many retail businesses are integrating their systems to create an end-to-end solution to utilise their existing access control, intercom, external alarms and Point of sale (POS) systems.

AlertSystems are highly experienced in designing, installing and maintaining security systems in retail environments and our customer portfolio includes large shopping centres through to individual retailers.

How Shops can benefit:

  • Reducing false liability claims
  • Monitoring of safe working practices
  • Optimising day-to-day operations
  • Minimising opportunities for theft
  • Protecting people, buildings and assets
  • Remote monitoring of security systems