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Food Production

Food producers are under increasing pressure to ensure they operate to the highest standards of Health and Safety and quality assurance.

Increasingly food producers are using modern High Definition CCTV systems to assist them with safe working practices including the monitoring of delivery and loading bays, the operation of forklift trucks, the lifting and handling of goods.

CCTV surveillance is also used to monitor the entire production lines and processes. The recorded images provide crucial evidence which can be used to correct any unsafe working practices, identify incidents of risk or negligence and to defend or support any legal claim arising from an incident on-site.

AlertSystems are highly experienced in designing, installing and maintain security systems for food production companies and manufacturers. We have been are entrusted with the provision of security systems at some of the country’s largest food production facilities.

Read our case study to find out more about how Produce World, one of Europe’s largest expert growers and suppliers of vegetables is using an AlertSystems High Definition CCTV solution to safeguard their business operations.