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AlertSystems has a long association in providing security systems to a wide range of educational establishments including schools and the Further and Higher Education sectors.

Working closely with Bursars, Estate Managers, IT Managers and Security Managers, our experienced team provide expert support and advice to assist schools, colleges and universities to develop modern and effective security systems protecting students, buildings and other valuable assets.


Working closely with Bursars, IT Managers, Head Teachers and Governors for our experienced team assists schools to comply with OFSTEAD duty of care requirements and provide a secure environment for their children.

Parents need to be assured their children are going to a safe environment and a key safe guarding requirement is for schools to be able to control access to the premises at all times. This needs to be balanced with the practical requirement of managing and controlling the flow of pupils around the school buildings while allowing easy and unhindered access for staff and authorised visitors.

There is a need to consider all user people, including staff, students and those with special access needs. Systems need to be robust and easy to use and administer.


AlertSystems successfully implemented a wide range of solutions to a number of Universities and Colleges. With increased competition for students, universities are increasingly aware of the importance of the quality of the overall student experience. It is important students feel safe but can still move around freely.

The ‘open’ nature of a university campus, with their diverse range of facilities can present a number of security and access issues. In many cases there is also the need to accommodate public access and rights of way.

Our IP based CCTV surveillance and Access Control systems have been successfully introduced to a number of universities where they already delivering significant benefits.