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SmokeCloak Thousand Series

The Classic Smoke Solution
The Smoke Cloak Thousand series provides the solution for all sizes of premises, from small to large retail stores. Utilising a microprocessor main control board, the SmokeCloak is designed to integrate seamlessly into all types of intruder alarm panels. The electronics provide full fault-monitoring of all critical circuits and maximum flexibility for easy connection into any alarm or access control system.

Product Features

  1. Built-In Battery Back-up
  2. Patented automatic smoke density control
  3. Heavy duty sabotage resistant case
  4. Audible tone status signal
  5. Internal system statis LED Indicators
  6. Built-in self diagnostics facility
  7. Electronic fluid measurement system
  8. Extremely dense smoke ouput for maximum protection
  9. Harmless dry vapour with no negative side effects
  10. Non pressurised heating based system
Smoke Cloak Thousand Range
All SmokeCloak products are fully compatible, and can be linked into any alarm system. The cloaksensor automatically controls smoke density, regardless of the method of attack, is designed to be positioned in the centre of the room. Optional verification movement detectors can be placed around the room so no unwanted activations occur.
Design and Construction
The SmokeCloak Thousand series is designed and manufactured in the UK and complies BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.
  System 1000 System 2000 System 4000 System 4000 X-Stream System 8000
Dimensions (mm) 475x202x396 475x202x476 75x202x576
Weight 18.1 Kg 21.1 Kg 26 Kg 32.50 Kg
Colour Beige/White
Fluid 1 x 1L Bottle 2 x 1L Bottle
Electrical 210-240V nominal
110 v - to special order
210-240V nominal
210-240V nominal
110 v - to special order
Power Consumption at 240 V 1.25 KVA
Quiescent 118 watt
1.5 KVA
Quiescent 96 watt
2.5 KVA
Quiescent 120 watt
2.5 KVA
Quiescent 128
2.5 KVA
Quiescent 128 
Reaction Time 0.1 sec
Smoke Output (capacity) 100m³-30 sec
180m³-60 sec
155m³-30 sec
310m³-60 sec
255m³-30 sec
510m³-60 sec
550m³-30 sec
400m³-30 sec
800m³-60 sec
Backstop timer Adjustable 1-25 min in two ranges