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Lone Worker Code5 Companion

  • Lone worker scheduling for advanced protection
  • 24/7 Response Centre
  • Always know where your lone workers are

Code5® Companion offers employees a simple yet highly effective way of substantially improving the safety of their lone worker staff. The service provides a crucial aid to effective risk management of remote workers and satisfies the essential duty of care responsibilities towards lone worker employees.

Code5® Companion uses the telephone network to provide a 24/7 response centre service for lone workers. To call Companion, any phone on any network will suffice. The service uses PIN identification, integrated voice messaging, Schedules and escalating alerts to ensure an appropriate safeguard for employees working on their own.

Through the partnership arrangement, employers can now ensure that SitexOrbis Monitoring operators will always be there for their lone workers to respond to alarms by identifying the location, assessing the situation and summoning the appropriate help 24/7.

Easy to use

Two keys are programmed for speed dialling on mobile handsets or the service can be used on landlines.

The user-friendly Schedule system enables the lone worker to call the Companion service, accessing it through their PIN to set the specific time cover they need according to their risk assessment for any particular visit.

Typically the employee records a voice message detailing where and when he/she will be working along with an expected completion time. If the employee fails to call back to Companion by the expected completion time, the service automatically calls back to check for a false alarm before triggering an alert to the SitexOrbis 24/7 response centre who will respond accordingly.

Red Alert Key: used in emergencies to open two-way communications with the response centre. Usually set up on the 5 key – most mobiles have a raised pip to identify it by feel.

One press of an SOS-programmed key on a mobile puts users straight through to the SitexOrbis 24/7 response centre, where operators will listen to incidents and take the appropriate action, including, if necessary, summoning the emergency services.


  • Know that your lone worker staff have started and finished work safely
  • Combines the benefits of an automatic system with 24/7 operator response
  • LBS location technology, and GPS for devices meeting system specifications
  • Summoning support
  • Speed access to emergency services
  • DVD recordings of incidents for use in reports and legal proceedings
  • Management reports via the internet
  • Meets Health & Safety Executive guidelines for lone worker safety