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Lone Worker Code5 Premium

  • Unlimited activations
  • Full voice recording retrieval
  • Full access to online reporting

Code5® makes an advanced level of lone worker protection available to anyone with a mobile phone, PDA or BlackBerry® smartphone – making peace of mind possible for less cost.

All a lone worker in distress needs to do is press the Red Alert button that has been assigned to Code5® on their mobile. SitexOrbis operators will do the rest.

The service is second to none, yet Code5® is able to provide peace of mind for less cost because no additional mobile device or line rental is required. Compared to other forms of lone worker protection it can save up to 70% on monthly charges.

Several options help to match the service to the needs of users:

  • Code5 for those using mobile phones
  • Code5 Companion for automated calls to check staff are safe

Whatever the option chosen there are no long SOS numbers to remember. As staff are more likely to keep their mobile phones with them than a dedicated device, 24/7 assistance will be just seconds away.

How it Works

Amber Alert key – used on non-GPS phones – lone workers record their intended whereabouts, or speak directly to an operator and in the event of a subsequent emergency operators viewing on screen maps verify the call location by retrieving voice messaging.

Red Alert Key – A single key used in an emergency to open up two-way communications with the SitexOrbis response centre.

24/7 operator Red Alert activations are immediately responded to by SitexOrbis operators experienced in handling incidents who will assess the situation, locate the user and summon assistance.

Mix and Match Options

Code5® For non-GPS phones, location identification is via on-screen LBS maps that show which base stations were used to make calls. The information is verified by the Amber Alert recordings.

Code5® Companion In addition to the Red Alert function, staff can schedule to receive regular automated calls to check they are safe.

Fulfils duty of care Assists in compliance with the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974, The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

Additional Features

  • Easy to find raised 5 keys used for Red Alerts where possible
  • No long SOS numbers to remember
  • Faster access to emergency services than 999
  • DVD recordings of incidents for use in courts
  • Internet reports and audit trails
  • Flat monthly monitoring fee to encourage use
  • No activation charges – line charges apply

Code 5 Features and Benefits

Any mobile phone, PDA or BlackBerry Smartphone can be usedCode5 can be applied to an existing mobile handset reducing capital costs, as there is no need to purchase additional hardware. All the usual mobile phone functionality is retained.
One button activates ‘SOS’A simple speed dial can be programmed on the handset to offer speed access in to the 24/7 response centre.
Two-way voice communicationTwo way voice communication is essential for offering peace of mind to the end user that SitexOrbis operators are actioning the alert and summoning the appropriate response.
Amber Alert facilityAmber Alerts offer a facility whereby the user can leave a pre-recorded message of their whereabouts and any other pertinent information.
999 Emergency ProtocolSitexOrbis activate a protocol which allows the operators to summon fast, emergency assistance.
Emergency calls are recorded on to DVDAudio DVD’s of the incident are admissible in a court of law and can be used as evidence.
Tailored response serviceAll clients can tailor the emergency response for each user. This provides SitexOrbis with additional information such as any allergies, medication, details of a fixed location. A different set of senior managers/directors may be required to be notified for situations resulting in a physical assault.
Location via LBS confirmed with Amber AlertThis method of location allows the operators to confirm the whereabouts of the user.
Location via GPS & LBS for GPS enabled handsetsIf an approved GPS handset is used, then the accuracy of the location improves to approximately 5 meters, which reduces the need for an Amber Alert. This function is particularly useful if the user is working in a block of flats.