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Smart Water Index Spray System

SmartWater is a simple anti-intruder device useable in all types of organisations and businesses. It creates an irrefutable link between the criminal and the crime scene.

SmartWater have developed a diverse portfolio of forensic products, including forensic markers, spray systems and transferable greases, they are used to forensically code valuables at risk of theft or mark an intruder to link them directly with a crime scene.

The SmartWater Index Spray System sprays the criminal with a water based solution containing a unique ‘forensic code’. It is activated through a low pressure spray system installed at strategic points around your premises, spraying criminals through one of a range of directional nozzles.

SmartWater Index remains detectable on skin and hair for weeks and even longer on clothing. The solution is not visible to the naked eye but glows brightly beneath ultra violet light.

Any criminal caught with SmartWater on them is conclusively placed at the scene of a crime by the unique “forensic fingerprint” held within the spray.

95% of UK police forces utilise SmartWater extensively in support of covert operations.

SmartWater has a large number of practical applications; if you would like to discover how a SmartWater Solution could protect your high value items speak to us today.