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BT Redcare Secure

BT Redcare Secure comprises of three variants - Secure 2, Secure 3 and Secure IP. All three variants protect customers with a dual path high security signalling device.

Key Features:
  1. 24/7 support
  2. 3 in 1
  3. 21CN compliant
  4. Futured proof
  5. Dual signalling
BT Redcare Secure

24/7 support
A team of skilled BT Redcare technicians are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

3 in 1
There are 3 variants to choose from - whether you choose Secure 2, 3 or IP you can change options should the business need too.

21CN compliant
BT Redcare Secure is a suite of security solutions that looks to the future, not to the past. They meet the highest industry security requirements (AC PO and British/ European standards) and as with all Redcare products, the new portfolio is 21st Century Network compliant meaning your product will continue to work in the 21CN environment.

Future Proofed
By choosing a BT Redcare Secure solution you will be securing your business for the future, as well as the present. Should your business risk or future technology change, your Secure solution can be adapted to meet your new requirements.

Dual signalling
BT Redcare’s dual signaling approach allows a ‘confirmed activation’ to be sent to your alarm receiving centre, even if your telephone line has been attacked.
Signalling Details Wireless connection via 24/7 VPN over GPRS

Landline signalling via VPN dial-up session on any PSTN connection

Continously polled IP path when used in IP mode

Dual band (900/1800 Mhz)

Alarm messages and polling are highly encrypted to EN Grade 4

Software and firmware anti-substitution measure to EN Grade 4

End-to-end alarm acknowledgement from ARC to alarm panel

Alarm panel connection monitoring for Dial Capture

Unit and service faults are self-reported

Full integration with BT Redcare ARC gateway
Management Features Remote testing, polling, status and configuration as per BT Redcare protocol

Simplified installation and service activation

Remote software download via GPRS (Redcare controlled)
Alarm Panel Interfaces Dial capture and phone line simulation

Relay to allow panel PSTN upload/download in dial capture 
  Sixteen pins
Secure Unit Optional mounting in secure wall fitting or within alarm panel

GSM antenna connection MMCX

Simple two wire connection to PSTN line, no block or exchange work required  

High performance aerial included

Ambient temperature: -5°C (23F) to +55ºC (131F)

Humidity: 5% to 95%
Power Specifications Nominal 13.5V input (9.5V to 30V)

Screw terminals

Low battery alarm reporting to ARC

Average 230 mA, peak 280 mA (peak 450 mA if using dial capture)
Inputs and Outputs

Sixteen general purpose alarm inputs(logic high =+3.5V-+30V Logic Low =0.5V-+0.8V)

Unconnected state: Logic Low

Screw terminals

Line Fault Output - for status indication at site of alarm signalling paths

Return path signalling - for confirmation at site of opening and closing

Control Output - for remote control of site devices 
Dial Capture Features Converts dialler systems into high security signalling devices
  Alarm panel intercfaces supports; Ademco Contact ID, Ademco Hi Speed, Ademco 4+1, Ademco 4+2, SIA1/2/3 
Status Indicators  Wireline up
  Wireless up
  Wireless signal strength indicators
Size & Weight 168 x 115 x 36 mm
Configuration  DTMF via phone handset 
  Alarm PIN self learning 
  Laptop programming 
Included with Unit Adhesive pads 
Compliant  PD662: 2004 Scheme for EN Standards in I&HAS 
  EN50131-1: Alarm Systems, Intrusion Systems 
  EN Security standards, Environmental class II 
  Compliant for interface to Fire Alarm panels 
  BT 21CN Compliant 
  Ren value 0.1