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Optex RX40 Passive Infra Red Sensor

The RX40 Passive Infra Red Sensor uses the Quad Zone Logic for accurate detection of humans. It is designed to give extremely high false alarm protection by detecting temperature changes.

The RX40 uses taller detection zones divided into upper and lower areas, it then detects the" changes of IR energy in both of the areas and then couple them to give an accurate detection. This enables the RX40 to offer a high reliability in hostile areas.

 Key Features
  1. Quad Zone Logic
  2. Spherical Lens
  3. Sealed Housing
  4. RFI Protection
  5. Temperature Compensation Logic
Optex Passive Infra Red Sensor RX40
Quad Zone Logic
Quad Zone Logic provides multi segmented detection zones throughout the detection area. An alarm signal is created by the cumulated total IR energy of each zone. It is designed to provide 4 to 8 zones for a human sized object to create sharp and maximum signals for stable detection. Spot temperature changes, i.e. by rodents or curtains etc., may affect only one or two zones at the same time creating a smaller detection signal. These signals are further analysed by the "ECO" Chip and signal processing circuit for accurate detection and filtering out of false alarms.
Spherical Lens
Obtains an accurate focal length for each detection zone and maximises the performance of Quad Zone Logic. 
Sealed Housing
Prevents drafts and insects from reaching the pyro element.
RFI Protection
No alarm at 20V/m from 100MHz to 1 GHz.
Temperature Compensation Logic
Eco chip includes temperature compensation circuit. It controls sensitivity to improve stability against changes in environmental conditions
Model RX40
Detection Method Passive Infra Red
Coverage Wide: 12m x 12m (40ft x 40ft), 85' wide
Detection Zones Wide: 78 Zones
Mounting Height 1.5 ~ 2.4m (5 ~ 8ft)
Sensitivity 2°C at 0.6m/sec (3.6°F at 2ft/sec)
Detection Speed 0.3 ~ 1.5m/sec. (1 ~ 5ft/sec)
LED Alarm Indicator Switchable On/Off
Alarm Period Approx. 2.5 sec
Alarm Output N.C., 28VDC, 0.2A max
Tamper Switch N.C., Open when cover is removed
Pulse Count Approx. 20 sec. 2 or 4
Warm-up Period Approx. 30 sec
Power Supply 9.5 ~ 16VDC
Current Consumption 8mA (normal),11mA (max.) at 12VDC
Weight 70g (2.5 oz)
Operating Temperature -20°C +50°C (-4°F +122°F)
Operating Humidity 95% max
RF Interference No Alarm 20V/m