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Oneprox Keypad Reader

PAC's Oneprox Proximity Keypad Reader offers outstanding reliability as it is housed in a tough polycarbonate UV polymer compound making it virtually vandal resistant and ideal for vandalprone areas.

It can deliver read ranges up to 120mm and operates from 10.5 to 18 VDC. The PAC's Oneprox Proximity Keypad Reader has two LED's, Green and Red. When the reader is active the red light is lit but when it senses the presentation of a valid key or card the red light distinguishes and the green light appears to indicate that access has been granted.

Key Features:

  1. Up to 120mm (4.72 in) reading range
  2. Reads PAC and KeyPAC technology ID tokens and cards
  3. Proximity only, PIN only or proximity and PIN
  4. Two exposed LED's showing door status
  5. Dual verfication device, proximity and PIN entry for added security
  6. Audible sounder
  7. Fast and dependable read times
  8. Easy installation with industry standard, low cost 6-core alarm cable
  9. Compatible with the 512 door controller series
  10. Hidden mounting screws deter vandalism
  11. Sealed and rugged enclosure to withstand harsh environments
    PAC Oneprox Proximity Keypad Reader
    Features and Specifications
    Description Proximity Keypad Reader
    ID Technology PAC Oneprox (works with PAC and KeyPAC)
    Programmable Output Format PAC
    Dimensions H: 106mm W:82mm D:28mm
    Weight 0.22 Kg nominal
    Maximum Read Range Up to 120mm
    Environment IP66 - Indoor/Outdoor weather resistant
    Maximum Current Requirements < 120 mA
    Operating voltage 5 VDC to 16 VDC
    Recommended Cable Type 6-core 24 AWG alarm cable
    Operating Temperature -20º to +60ºC
    Operating Humidity 100% relative humidity non-condensing
    Audiovisual Indication Bi-colour LED (red and green) and audible sounder
    Material Moulded Polycarbonate