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CCTV Remote Monitoring - The Facts

Our competitors rely on transmitted images dialling through to the Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) before any response can be made to intruder activity.


There are alternative modes of signal transmission, these will be site specific and dependent on individual system design. There will always be a right solution for each and every application. The alternative design options for CCTV Remote Monitoring are; Activated; Alert Verification or by utilisation of the Alert External Deterrent System, each of which set Alertsystems apart from our competitors.

If systems are compliant with BS 8418, RVRC personnel will confirm the activation is genuine and alert the police. It should be noted that there are quite stringent system design features that must be applied if Ploice Response is a requirement.


The reality is that Video Transmitted Images are often held in queues at the RVRC, sometimes for many minutes, because of the volume of "monitored traffic" trying to get through. Any delay means that an event at your site is not acted upon and the intruders are not deterred.

The "Alert way", incorporating the Alertsystems External Deterrent System really makes the difference.

The "on-site" deterrent is far stronger.

The RVRC responds far faster.

The Alarm Signal we send through is prioritised by the RVRC.

Video Transmitted images are not held in a queue.

A dramatic reduction in "False Alarms" means that the RVRC operators can dedicate far more time to your site.

"Live" images of any activation are much easier to view than still frame images of events that occured some minutes previously.

The cost of your telephone call charges will be considerably less.

The "on-site" logging in our panel will confirm that your system has been activated. We match this information with event logs available at the Alarm Receiving Centre to confirm they have responded appropriately.




CCTV Remote Monitoring - Alert Verification

CCTV Remote Monitoring with External Deterrent System

CCTV Remote Monitoring & Police Response

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