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Alert Verification

External Detection devices will detect the activity of intruders. In the event of a sensor being activated a number of events take place:-

The camera head is driven to view the area of intrusion.

A verbal warning system is activated to drive away the intruders. If they persist in entering further onto the premises a full alarm condition is generated with the siren creating 110 decibels of sound and the strobe light flashing.

When the system has reached "full alarm status" an alarm signal is sent via the Digital Communicator to the Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC).

The alarm signal is regarded by the RVRC operator as highest priority. They will immediately connect to your premises via the Video Transmission system and be able to view both "live" and recorded images of events.

Once the images have been interrogated the operator will follow an agreed response plan and contact Key-holders, Guarding Company or the Police accordingly, depending on the type of system installation.

CCTV Remote Monitoring & Police Response